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    We are a tuition-free, 7th-12th grade public charter school for students in grades 7-12 that focuses on 21st Century Skills as part of our career and college preparedness objective. We use a project-based learning curriculum that is entirely student-driven. 

    A New Adventure in Education...

    DREAM Technical Academy is ready to meet the academic needs of your child using a curriculum designed for students who enjoy learning by doing it with a project-based learning focus.  Our students drive their own education, by developing individual learning plans that suit their personal learning style and unique situation and focusing on the things they are most passionate about. By allowing student interests to drive their learning, there is a higher level of ownership, engagement, and hope. Our encouragement of critical thinking, exploration, and collaboration fosters a lifelong love of learning that will follow our students on whatever path they choose next. 

    The Whole-Student:

    At DREAM we understand the importance of approaching learning and education in a way that considers the whole student. Unless a student feels safe and the needs related to physical, social, and emotional well-being are comfortably met, they cannot thrive at school. Our environment encourages autonomy but also creates a sense of belonging by placing each student in a full-time advisory that is the best fit for them and giving them the power to be agents of change if they feel something is not right. 

    Preparing for our best future:

    DREAM advocates for social justice and equity, with restorative practice, used whenever possible. We strive to ignite innate curiosity within our students, guiding them to be actively a part of their local and global communities so they will become lifelong leaders, learners, and engaged citizens. We know that building healthy relationships creates safe places where any student can actualize their ambitions and where hope is fostered. It is the right of all students and staff at DREAM to be accepted for who they are, and where they are going, and to be supported in their personal journey to reach their destination. 

    Interested in knowing more?

    Apply now or Schedule a Tour! We will happily show you what goes on during a typical day at DREAM and all of our staff will go out of their way to find an answer to your questions or a solution to your current educational obstacle.


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  • DREAM works to install a connection and commitment to the environment in our school community while working towards a healthy planet where all people live in balance with the Earth.  DREAM does this through the following: 

    Indicator Area 1: Awareness

    Students demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between the environment and human life and the diversity of life that shares the earth with humans.


    Indicator Area 2: Knowledge

    Students have knowledge of how natural systems function and how human systems interact with and depend on them.


    Indicator Area 3: Attitudes

    Students demonstrate respect and concern for the earth's health and the motivation to participate in environmental stewardship.


    Indicator Area 4: Skills

    Students possess the skills needed to identify and critically analyze environmental issues, and to contribute to resolving the root of environmental challenges.


    Indicator Area 5: Action

    Students have the capacity, or are increasing their capacity, to perceive and interpret the health of environmental and social systems and take appropriate action to maintain, restore, or improve the health of those systems.



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